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What I ask of you?
I feel it is important to make my expectations clear from the beginning, so that misunderstandings will not arise in the future regarding counselling sessions and cancellations.

The number of clients I am prepared to work with is strictly limited, so I do ask that people attend their sessions. I generally work with people on a week-to-week basis ? that is one 60-minute session per week. If a person is unable to attend a session, I require one full day notice, or else I will expect to be paid in full for the missed session.

How long does it take?
The answer to that question is extremely variable but an honest commonsense reply from me would be that I believe counselling is a venture that more often than not, takes months rather than weeks. I use different theoretical frameworks to suit the myriad issues clients present with.
For Example:
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an empirically validated short term therapy (about 10 sessions) to help people with problems such as panic attacks and heightened anxiety. It also works well for people who are in the throes of deep depression as it can help a person see the 'wood from the trees' so to speak.
- Person Centred Therapy is based on the client's conviction that he/she knows best what would help make life more satisfying. This is good for relationship issues, complicated grief, self-esteem issues and difficulties coping with life in general. This can take several months to over a year.
- Object Relations Therapy is my chosen theoretical field for long-term work. It is based on early childhood development, uses unconscious processes and is used to help make deep- seated changes. It is useful for problems such as addictions, eating disorders and childhood trauma. This kind of therapy can take a few years, but not always.

The theories listed above are all used and interchanged according to a clients' needs.

When we meet, I will make myself as wholly available to you as possible and you will have my entire attention.