home therapy FAQ
My Counselling Philosophy
It is in relationship to others that our lives gain meaning. Without relationships we cannot be aware of ourselves, pleased with ourselves or frustrated. Relationships are what distinguish us.

Counselling implies the joint venture of a professional relationship between two people.
I will do my best to understand what you want to achieve and help you to achieve it.

I have no interest in judging what kind of person you are. My interest is in helping you understand yourself, and to explore how your life can be as satisfying and happy as possible. If you change anything at all about yourself it will be because you want to, not because I think you ought to.

Mind-Body Connection:
It won't be my job to make you happier - my job will be to help you fully experience and understand your feelings. The reason for this is because a distressing feeling does not disappear if is it is ignored - it may fade for a while but it can come up again and again.
I am also interested in how it is sometimes possible to access what is happening in our minds and souls through concentrating on what is happening in our body. It is important to pay attention to the messages you get from your body such as anxiety, aches, pains and even the way you breathe.

Ethical Guidelines: I will offer you a contract of total confidentiality - that is, I won't talk about you to anyone else in such a way that you can be identified. I work with a fully accredited supervisor and occasionally; I may speak to him in relation to our counselling issues. By law, I cannot offer you confidentiality if you intend to cause serious harm to yourself or another person, or if in any way, a child is in danger.

Recommendations: Drinking alcohol or taking mind - altering drugs is not a good idea before coming to a counselling session. This is not because I have any moral objection to these things, but because these substances tend to mask our true thoughts and feelings - that's probably why we reach for them in the first place. You will be wasting your time (and money) if you come to a counselling session out of touch with your 'true' self.